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Plastic Free Vic Park was initiated by the Town of Victoria Park and is a trial version of our program, involving up to 20 food retailers. On-ground engagement started in August 2020. 


Name: Plastic Free Vic Park

Community: Victoria park (Perth, WA)

Funding body: Town of Victoria Park

Project Dates: Aug 202o - Jan 2021. 

Project Model: 6-month trial program, operating with a maximum of 20 businesses.



Read more in our Outcomes Report. Our impact as at Jan 31, 2021 is... ​

*Plastic Free Champions are members that have eliminated all of our key plastic items (straws, coffee cups & lids, takeaway containers & lids, foodware (cutlery, plates, cups etc), water bottles & bags).

Key successes

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We worked with trial participant Sonder Coffee for 3 weeks in January to supercharge the number of their customers using reusables, culminating in 'Use your own cup day' on the 29th January, where they eliminated single-use cups for the entire day.

Almost half the trial participants (8) implemented a reusable cup swap scheme, allowing their customers to borrow a cup if they forgot their own. 


Eight businesses eliminated plastic coffee cup lids, 7 eliminated plastic takeaway containers/lids, 3 eliminated plastic cutlery, and 2 eliminated plastic straws.

After the trial officially ended, businesses continued their journey to eliminate plastics, and by March 31 2021, there were nine Plastic Free Champions and 190,309 pieces of plastic had been eliminated. 


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We made the choice to become plastic-free just a few months after opening, because as a gelato shop we create a lot of waste every day. My partner and I had a conversation on how to become more sustainable, then we saw the program and decided to contact Amy at WA Plastic Free. She was super professional and booked an induction with us straight away, giving us all the alternative supplies to order. We are proud to say after only 3 months we are almost plastic-free! Thank you, without your help that wouldn't have been possible!


Screen Shot 2020-04-10 at 11.06.13

The Plastic Free Places Program was a great way for the Town of Victoria Park to encourage our local businesses to embark on their own journey of transitioning to plastic free alternative products. The knowledge, professionalism, helpfulness and passion of the Boomerang Alliance team was instrumental in enabling us to achieve really positive outcomes in our pilot of this program, with 17 businesses participating - nine of which became certified Plastic Free Champions! We would highly recommend the Plastic Free Places Program.


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