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Plastic Free Places is run by the Boomerang Alliance. We are the peak not-for-profit organisation working on waste minimisation in Australia, formed in 2003 and currently comprised of 55 national, state and local allies. We research key issues, develop policy, undertake education, and campaign for best practice laws and programs by government and business. 

Over the years, we have successfully worked on the introduction of container deposit schemes, plastic bag bans, e-waste recycling, stopping waste tyre dumping and reducing plastic microbead pollution. Our current focus is on the multiple sources of plastic pollution, particularly in the marine environment.  

Our core goal is to transition to a zero-waste society by leveraging strategic opportunities to drive best practice resource efficiency and recovery.

We have a strong history around plastic policy and implementation including: 

  • active membership of several Government Advisory Committees on container deposit schemes.

  • contracted by governments around Australia to deliver Plastic Free Places.

  • membership of the Federal Government's National Waste Policy Roundtable.

  • delivering senior advice on Queensland's plastic bag ban and membership of the Government's Plastic Pollution Reduction Plan Technical Working Group. 

  • working with the South Australian Government's single-use plastics taskforce.

  • contracted by the Western Australian Government to deliver the Community Research, Consultation and Education Plan for the WA plastic bag ban.

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