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If you're a local business in any of our Plastic Free Places communities, you can set up your own water bottle refill station and join our map. Any business can join - including hotels, real estate agents, tourism offices, art galleries etc.

Setting up a refill station supports a culture of reuse and eliminates the need for single-use alternatives.

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Here are some different ways you can go about it


1. Fill a jug or container with tap water

2. Hire a water cooler

3. Install a tap onto existing infrastructure

4. Connect a separate chilled fountain with suitable refill tap

5. Install an under-bench on-tap system

For more information, see our guide on how to set up a water refill station, including options and key considerations for establishing your station. You can also Contact us for support.

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Join the refill map

Once your refill station is up and running we encourage you to join the refill map. This will let locals and visitors know they can refill at your business.

How to join the map:


  • Fill out the form below to add your station to the map 

  • Include any comments/instructions & a photo for your station

  • Sell and promote reusable water bottles with free refills in-store

  • Display customer education signage (download) near your bottles and refill station.

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