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Single-use packaging, is a significant contributor to litter and global waste issues.


In an effort to reduce waste and promote sustainability, our Reusable Champion Program is designed to encourage local communities to increase usage of reusable cups by adopting the behaviours of 'bring, borrow or stay' when purchasing coffee.

The program works with hospitality venues to inspire this change by participating in a month-long challenge aimed at significant increases in the use of reusable coffee cups by their customers.

This program is for leading venues who are championing Australia's shift to a reusable future.


It is underpinned by behaviour change principals and directly addresses barriers, leading to lasting measurable change.

PFP QLD Final Report - 2022 (inc Events & Hotels report)-2.jpg

Over the course of the chosen month, we work one-on-one with the venue to increase the number of reusables used by them and their customers.


While the program works over a designated period, the goal is to shift the norms within the community. We utilise behaviour change principles that focus on building better habits to foster long-term behaviour change.


As part of the program, we run a targeted PR campaign focused on both their existing customers and the wider community. In the last week, the cafe hosts a 'BYO Cup Day' where they aim for 100% of drinks served in reusable cups.


All participating cafes so far have benefited from a marked increases in reusables, as well as significant community support!

Participating in the program prompted us to look at our ordering history. We waste 189,000 pieces of single-use takeaway coffee cups and lids a year, and could save up to $13,000 yearly across both of our stores if we promoted a greater focus on reusables.

Blackbird Cafe - Cairns

PFP QLD Final Report - 2022 (inc Events & Hotels report).jpg

Results of
participating cafes

The below data shows the percentage increase in the number of reusable cups used, comparing the last week of the program to the first, for each cafe.

PFP report  - FEB 2023.jpg
PFP report  - FEB 2023-2.jpg


Week 1 - preparation 

  • We sit down with the business owner or manager to identify the best methods available to increase reusable use & create new norms.

  • We assist to set up a mug library or reusable network, if identified as the best course of action.

  • POS system is updated to collect accurate data.

  • We collect baseline data of current customer reuse habits.

  • We collaboratively announce to the community that the reusables challenge is commencing.

  • Signage is displayed within the business

  • Local media and social media influencers are contacted & sent media kit.

  • Neighbouring local businesses & community groups are invited to collaborate

  • Participating cafe's staff are trained and expectations outlined


This process can take place over several weeks, however everything needs to be finalised the week before the public launch.

Week 2 - Public launch & community education

  • Program publicly launches and social media campaign commences. Our staff are on hand to assist the cafe with any challenges.

  • Cafe staff actively encourage their community to reuse and explain the program and reuse options available to them

  • Local media and influences are followed up

  • 'Reusables Only Day' date publicly announced

Week 3 - Building habits


  • Social media campaign continues

  • Local collaborations tend to ramp up during this week and momentum continues to build

  • First data release: blackboard / scoreboard is updated

Week 4 - Marketing campaign & reusables only day


  • Participating cafes hosts a Reusables Only Day (where the goal is to be 100% reusable for the last day of the program)

  • Social media, local media, influencers and collaborations continue to build momentum

  • Coordinator actively speaks with customers & staff to encourage participation and build community

Week 5 - Evaluation


  • Follow up & final data released


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