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As part of our program, we make specific recommendations to help food retailers eliminate single-use plastic items. 

Our recommendations are based on a personal consultation with the business. We work with them to identify their needs and supply chains to determine options and solutions that suit them and are available to them.  

In all cases we first encourage the avoidance of unnecessary single-use packaging, followed by the provision of reusable options. 

As a last choice, we will recommend a switch to acceptable single-use alternatives.

When we recommend a single-use alternative, we do so using a strict set of criteria. We are strictly impartial, we do not align to brands or receive kickbacks from suppliers or manufacturers.

For programs that operate in states where there is a single-use plastic ban in place, we only recommend alternative products that are allowable under the ban. 

Our criteria for recommending single-use alternatives

When recommending alternative single-use foodware items, we use a hierarchy based on compost certifications and minimising plastic elements.

When recommending alternatives to single-use plastic water bottles or bags, we follow our policies on alternatives to these items.

These can be found on our Policies page.

The reason we recommend specific items to businesses is:

  • Our members have told us they just want to know what to buy. There are so many products and options, they want to be able to go their supplier with a list, knowing these are their best options. 

  • There is so much greenwashing in the alternative packaging space. While we talk to our members about how to choose the right products, the truth is that without specific recommendations, many will end up purchasing greenwashed items from their supplier. 

In all cases, we will try to find products available through their current supply chain. If their supplier/s does not have suitable products, we may approach the supplier to provide these, or recommend another supplier as a last option. 

Our database

Our policies on alternatives



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To ensure the integrity of our recommendations, we maintain a database of products and verified compost certifications. Our staff will make recommendations selected from these options.


If certifications are provided to us by product manufacturers and suppliers, we will sight the certification to verify them as legitimate and current before inclusion into our database.  


A supplier may submit their products to us for inclusion into this database HERE.

Single-use plastic bans


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