August 6, 2020

The Boomerang Alliance Plastic Free Townsville program was officially launched today (6 August, 2020) by Queensland Minister for the Environment, Leeanne Enoch.


The program is funded by the Queensland Government, and supports the State Government's agenda to eliminate plastic takeaway litter and waste.

QLD Environment Minister, Leeanne Enoch (right) with Diana Condylas, Plastic Free Townsville Coordinator at the launch

At the launch, the Minister urged local businesses to join. 'We need local businesses to answer the call and join the Plastic Free Places program, supporting our efforts to reduce the amount of harmful plastic that ends up in our local waterways and on our pristine beaches.' she said.

The Boomerang Alliance program success is based upon engagement and providing the right information.


Diana Condylas, Plastic Free Townsville Coordinator said:

'The key to our success has been personal engagement. We work directly with businesses, Council, suppliers, and waste operators to deliver solutions to businesses. It isn’t enough to just ask them to remove plastic – what they change to, how it suits their needs and where that product ends up is important as well'.

'Already, despite COVID-19 restrictions, 10 local cafes have joined the program' she said.