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Over 17 million pieces of plastic removed!

We’d like to celebrate this milestone by shining a spotlight on the collective action being taken across our Plastic Free Places (PFP) communities. A big thank you to the 1242 member businesses (to date) working with us to eliminate single-use plastic.

In the five years since our inception, the PFP program has eliminated, or removed over 17 million single use takeaway plastic items from use. That includes plastic straws, cutlery, coffee cups, lids, water bottles, plastic containers & other food ware items.

It’s been an astounding success and shows that given the right advice and support the hospitality sector is willing & ready to stop using problematic takeaway plastics.

It also demonstrates that the bans being introduced on single-use plastics are realistic and achievable, as long as the sector is given the opportunity to adopt new habits, switch to better alternatives, and misleading information (greenwashing) is not circulated.

By reducing single use plastic, we reduce the flow of dangerous plastic pollution into our waterways and ocean, and waste into landfill.

The program aligns the environmental protection that our communities and local businesses expect with practices like avoidance, reuse and switches to acceptable alternatives.

Our expert coordinators in each PFP location works directly with cafes, restaurants, bars, food trucks, other food outlets and public events to provide best practice advice on the growing innovative reuse and switch alternatives.

Plastic Free Place locations

Data has been taken from 13 Plastic Free Places including Noosa, Cairns & Douglas, Townsville, Rockhampton, and Livingstone (QLD), Byron Shire, Randwick (NSW), Mt Martha, Elsternwick, Moreland (Vic), Adelaide & Port Lincoln (SA), Perth (WA), Darwin (NT) and Hobart & surrounds (Tas).

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