Name: WA Plastic Free

Community: Perth, WA 

Project Initiated: November 201

On-ground operations: March 4, 2019 - August 31, 2019

Project Model: Council area model, previously open to food retailers, markets and events in Bassendean and Bayswater LGA's.

Co-ordinator: Amy Matheson

Website: www.waplasticfree.org

Social Media: @waplasticfree

Project Partners: Town of Bassendean, WA Waste Authority  

Funding Bodies: WA Waste Authority 



WA Plastic Free became operational in March 2019, however on-ground work has been on hold since Aug 31, 2019 due to funding constraints. Find out more about this project in our 2019 Half-Yearly Report below.​ 

WA Final Report Public September 2019.jp

Note: we have held off updating data until we can reassess our members after Coronavirus closures. 


Our current impact (as at Mar 31, 2020) is... ​

*Plastic Free Champions are members that have eliminated all of our key plastic items (straws, coffee cups & lids, takeaway containers & lids, food ware (cutlery, plates, cups etc), water bottles & bags).

Key successes

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WA-Plastic-Free_Foot-Element_Coral copy.
WA-Plastic-Free_Foot-Element_Coral copy.
WA-Plastic-Free_Foot-Element_Coral copy.

Engaged with the WA Food Truck Association and are working towards their members joining the program as a requirement of membership with the association. 

Created a list of plastic free food vendors for all events in Perth to access. 

Signed up most food retail businesses in in initial area of operation (Town of Bassendean) and approached City of Bayswater and City of Swan to expand the program into adjoining areas. 

Worked with the Old Perth Road Markets to transition their food vendors, implement plastic-free policies and create composting solutions.

Thank you so much for your time and support in changing the Old Perth Rd markets in Bassendean to a plastic free event. It's not an easy task to change such a big event the way you have especially given we have so many stakeholders involved. Many of the stallholders have come to me with such wonderful feedback on how you have supported them in their change to becoming plastic free. Looking back at all of the stalls we have and items they sell, you have drastically reduced the plastic usage. The community have really appreciated the change too! We have been so fortunate to have you support and guide us in this process. Not only have you changed the Old Perth Rd markets to a plastic free event it has pushed the Council to make all Council events Plastic free now too’. OLD PERTH ROAD MARKETS, BASSENDEAN