A lot of ‘green options’ in packaging are simply not what they claim. Many ‘eco’ or ‘biodegradable’ products still contain plastic, and most regular supplier catalogues (even Biopak's) have plastic options in them. This makes it difficult for food retailers to identify the right options. 


To make it easier, we've been working with some major suppliers to create special compostable catalogues. You can be sure these are plastic-free and up-to-date. Many local product distributors carry one or more of these product lines, making them easy to source in  most areas. 

We recommend reading our notes below before using these catalogues. 


1. While all of these products are certified compostable, not all are certified under Australian Standards. While we always prefer products certified to AS5810 (home compostable) and AS 4736 (commercially compostable) standards over those certified under foreign standards, this is not a requirement in order to sell products on the Australian marketplace, and there is a limited number of products that conform. Currently, BioPak is the only supplier routinely conforming to the stricter AS. Many commercial composters prefer, or will only accept products products adhering to the AS. If composting is available in your area, please check with your composting facility as to what they will accept before recommending

these catalogues to vendors,

2. There are other suppliers with compostable products, but we have not yet worked with them. We will continue to add to this page as we do.